Mosquito Nets ,Sprays Etc

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Coghlan's Head Net - No-see-um
Made of ultra fine mesh to keep almost every insect out. Fits over most head-wear. Elasticized at the neck for a snug fit.
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Easy Camp Single Mosquito Net
Keeps mosquitoes and other insects away, Includes 2 hooks, 2 safety-pins, 1 nail, 1 plug and extra rope, Easy to use
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Go Hand SanitiserKeep germs at bay with this convenient hand sanitiser. The alcohol-free formula kills 99.9% of bacteria in under 15 seconds and won't dry your skin. 
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Go Mosi Bite ReliefRelieves the irritation of mosquito bites in minutes. Does not help with bites of a bigger nature that are probably a lot more irritating, like big grizzly bears or angry Rhino.Technical Info:Relieves mosquito bites in minutes Stops itching & can reduces swelling Piezo-electro device.