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Silverpoint Pace Sock

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Silverpoint Pace Sock
The Pace Performance sock combines Polycolon and Dri-Release yarns for super effective moisture transfer from your foot and out of the sock.The third material in the sock is Siltex, a polypropylene impregnated with silver, which prevents the build up and growth of bacteria fungi and mould; this keeps your feet hygienic and odor free during any activity. This antibacterial agent will remain in the sock permanently even after multiple washes. The result of this three yarn construction is a high performance sock with unparalleled anti-stink and wicking ability. The sock itself is lightweight with strategically placed cushioning on the forefoot and heel, giving you a cool and comfortable ride.


Lightweight construction
Low quarter length cut
Polycolon (Specially formulated polypropylene with increased wicking performance)
Siltex (Specially formulated polypropylene with anti-bacterial silver ions)

40% Dri-Release
40% Polycolon
15% Siltex
5% Elasthan