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Swiss Rescue Tool

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Swiss Rescue Tool
The amazing Victorinox Rescue Tool has been developed over the last 5 years in conjunction with the emergency rescue services. With clever one handed opening action, The Rescue Tool is ready to use at a moments notice. Easily recognisable with it's luminescent yellow handle, The Rescue Tool also comes with a sturdy nylon pouch with a belt loop. The Disc Saw and the Window Breaker are available as spares. LENGTH - 111mm, 15 Features, · Serrated Lock Blade · 6mm Screwdriver with Wire Stripper, Can Opener and Crate Lifter· Philips Screwdriver · Window Breaker · Seatbelt Cutter · Disc Saw for shatterproof glass · Luminescent Handles · Punch, Reamer · Tweezers · Toothpick · Nylon Cord · Nylon Pouch · Keyring
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